Sunday, September 7, 2008

Updates to Obama and McCain Economic Advisers List

Based on some new information, I added Clinton White House economic guru Gene Sperling to the list of Obama economic advisers. I'm not going to list every corporate CEO who is an Obama-backer, but I also realized that Warren Buffet definitely qualifies as one of the "prominent finance people who supports Obama," so I added him to that part of the list.

Additionally, I see that Nancy Pfotenahauer appeared on CNN billed as an McCain economic policy adviser, so I updated the McCain list here. As Think Progress showed, she is a pure distilled product of Koch Industries, the secretive oil and chemical company which funds much of the right-wing message machine. Her most prominent role was as VP of Citizens for a Sound Economy, a classic astroturf group funded by Koch. Here's one description of CSE:

Based in Washington, D.C., CSE describes itself as an organization of "grassroots citizens dedicated to free markets and limited government." However, it is commonly known as what Public Relations Quarterly has called a "corporate front group." The publication explained that "the use of such 'front groups' enables corporations to take part in public debates and government hearings behind a cover of community concern [in order to] oppose environmental regulations, and to introduce policies that enhance corporate profitability.


Anonymous said...

I find it disappointing that your McCain list is so woefully incomplete. Be honest. If it supports your argument, then great. If it doesn't, you can still hold to your beliefs if you want to. But don't lie, cheat and steal to try to make what you believe true.

Don Pedro said...

I find it disappointing that McCain's list is so inadequate as well. And, hey, if I were to lie, cheat, and steal to win I'd have to join the McCain-Palin campaign!

But seriously, I've made every effort to fairly represent the list of McCain economic advisers. If there are names that I have left out, please send me an email at (with a link to a source that shows them identified as economic advisers to the campaign) and I will add them. I'm pretty sure I have included all the principal advisers--meaning those who have appeared in the press speaking for the campaign on economic policy. In at least one sense, the list is too generous, because I have left on the list the most respectable name--Doug Holtz-Eakin--even after Newsweek reported that he left his role as McCain economic adviser to tutor Sarah Palin as her domestic policy adviser.

Also note that I have NOT included the list of 300 people that the McCain issued of "economists who support McCain" because it was later revealed that many of them do not actually support McCain and/or his policies. See for example this article:

Arias said...

People that post anonymously while supporting McCain are usually woefully incompetent themselves and willing to lie, cheat, and steal in order to prop up their candidate and position, despite it making themselves look all that much more the fool.