Monday, September 29, 2008

Disaster (cross-posted)

I wrote an op-ed for my local newspaper about the bailout, and I'm hopeful that it'll appear tomorrow. If/when it does, I will post a link and/or text.

In the meantime, here's my cross-posted initial take on today's U.S. House of Abdication vote:


The House has just voted 206-227 to kill the bailout bill. It seem unclear what will happen next.

Unclear, that is, except that if nothing is done, our economy is headed for disaster.

From everything I've read, this bill was far from perfect. But it was above the line, given the possible costs.

I have tenure, and I am well paid, so I imagine I'll be fine. If you don't, or aren't, or you are worried about people who don't or aren't, then you might want to consider calling your House rep to explain that you would prefer not to tell your grandchildren about the time that the "leadership" of your country was too stupid to avoid repeating the mistakes of the Great Depression.

I'll try to write more about all this.

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