Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Offsides? Icing? High Sticking? (X-posted)

To get a sense of just how de-linked Sarah Palin's recent rhetoric is from her record, you really have to read this CBS storyabout Palin's plan to build a sports complex using a sales tax increase back when she was Mayor of the booming townopolis of Wasilla, AK.

According to the article, Mayor Palin advocated and secured via referendum a 25 percent increase over the existing sales tax. Now, I know what you're thinking: tax increase = heresy for Republican.


But you see, this project was different from your average government program. Different how, you ask? Well, because Mayor Palin thought it was a good idea. Mayor Palin explained in an email to city council department heads that she had "waited patiently -- for over four years now [Editor's note: !!] -- for either the private sector" or some other "public entity" (federal earmark, anyone?) to build a sports complex. You see, the private sector just hadn't done its job. Apparently it wasn't sufficiently profitable to build said complex. Indeed, from the CBS story we learn this:

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