Monday, September 15, 2008

Everyone: McCain is Lying About Obama's Tax Proposal

Here are just a few of the many authorities that have come to this conclusion:
the Washington Post's Fact Checker
the New York Times
Fox News
Fox News again!
the Associated Press
the Miami Herald.

This is very far from a comprehensive list. Leave other suggested citations in comments.

For the truth about Obama's tax proposals, see the links at the upper left on this website, or this post.


Greg said...

Facts are more irrelevant in this campaign than in ’04. The Republican campaign machine knows this and will continue to follow the game plan because it works! Case in point; NPR was interviewing a group of voters with questions about “race and the election” last week. One woman stated she couldn’t vote for Obama because she STILL believes he might be a Muslim and “we can’t trust those people.” The fact that an outrageous fabrication like this continues to put doubts in voter’s minds is proof that these tactics work. Furthermore, despite all of the aforementioned sources repudiating McCain’s ads including FOX , the Republican’s have spent have spent the past 27 years pounding the phrase “big government, tax and spend liberals” into the heads of the uninformed electorate’s heads even though the facts show that Bush and the iconic Ronald Reagan increased the size of government to unprecedented levels during their tenures.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to add:
Karl Rove
Dear God! If Karl Rove thinks you're being dishonest then what are we coming to!