Monday, September 8, 2008

Gun to a Knife fight? Not yet..

McCain and Palin have a new ad out where they are the "Original Mavericks". Obama has put out a response ad which points out that McCain's campaign is run by lobbyists and that Palin's claims about stopping the Bridge to Nowhere are a lie.

I'm happy to see some punch-back and am glad lies and hypocrisy have been caught.

But I think there's a better response ad that gets the discussion back from McCain's favored turf to Obama's. And it's absurdly easy because Jon Stewart already did it for him. He had great section in this show (it starts at roughly 6m30s in the full episode) where he spliced Bush comments with McCain comments and killed the Maverick image. Why is is better than Obama's? Because it's about policy. Education, economics, tax cuts, bipartisan work etc., etc......All Obama has to do is stick in the Bush=McCain and "I approve this ad.." and run it in battleground states. And it's not a negative ad like the celeb ad because it's about the issues.

One other idea for a Florida ad. McCain wanted his best buddy Joe Lieberman but this would have alienated the base - Jewish, pro-choice, Democrat etc. He is the best candidate for a Jillary Hutchinson ad for Florida: why did McCain pick Palin and not Joe? He's a slave of the extreme Christian right. Get those Florida voters on board.

Nate Silver is right: Obama needs better, pithier ads.

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Nancy Drew said...

Yes, and while we're at it, has anyone noticed how McCain's claims about his reform platform are all just "lofty rhetoric". How come nobody is asking how exactly he's going to implement any change--as they ask about Obama repeatedly.

But, spot on. It's good to push back on the main image they're touting but who really gives a ---- about earmarks anyhow. This is where Obama could really go on the offensive and frame the debate.