Sunday, September 7, 2008

Palin-drone: Repeated Misleading assertions in her stump speech

We now little or nothing about Sarah Palin and so we have to rely on her canned speech to learn what we can about her. Here are a few things she keeps on repeating:

1. She put the old governor's plane of EBay. McCain went on to say she made a profit on the sale.
2. She's anti-earmark
3. She canceled the "Bridge to Nowhere"

All of these assertions are misleading or false.

1. Yes, she did "put" the plane on EBay but it did not sell. So, they sold it privately below the asking price on EBay (they sold it for $2.1m when asking price was $2.7m).
2. Earmarks: Already debunked by Jonah below.
3. Yes, she canceled it when it became clear it was going nowhere in D.C. but she kept the money. And during her campaign she was for it. (Source) She has requested $2m this year for research on crab productivity . McCain has good line in his stump speech where he talks about an earmark for a study of bear DNA is Montana Perhaps he can add a line about crab productivity.

So, it seems we really know very little about Sarah Palin except that she's an exagerrator and a liar.


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It's further disappointing that your arguments are so weak and facts so twisted that you do not allow my post.

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