Monday, August 25, 2008

Should the Democrats Bare Their Fangs?

Although everyone at the convention can't stop talking about how moved they were by the speeches by Michelle Obama and Ted and Caroline Kennedy, I saw from a glimpse on CNN that the buzz from David Gergen and James Carville is that the Democrats have blown an opportunity to rag on McCain.

It seems evident to me that the overwhelming task for the Democrats this week is to let them get to know the Obamas and feel comfortable with the idea of them in the White House. For many Americans--including some in my family--Obama is still an unknown, and they've heard the media regurgitate the Republican lies about him and his wife so many times that even if they don't give the lies much credence they wonder if there's some truth in them. I think Michelle's speech was spot-on in letting people see that the Obamas are Americans just like you and me. Attacks on McCain can wait until later.

My key barometer is my grandmother in St. Louis, who was completely won over by Michelle's speech. My own experience with her speech was a bit odd, since I was sitting behind the stage and could read ahead on the teleprompter during her delivery. I just watched the TV re-run and it seemed even better on TV than live.


Steve Roth said...

You meant "Bare."

Don Pedro said...

Yes, thanks! Corrected.

PinkBunny said...

I think that will happen. I am really annoyed with these TV pundits who keep harping on Obama and all the things he needs to do. Everyone keeps saying he needs to define himself before McCain does it.

It was only the first night of the convention, and so they did a successful job of making Obama seem like an average American, someone who can relate to your problems, not like some celebrity. I think to say it was wasted is incorrect. There are still 3 more nights, and there were others who have made comments about McCain.

Pelosi did a great job to get the crowd chanting when she opened her speech, everyone was chanting along with her "McCain was wrong".

So I think we will see two things;

1. Obama being defined - so that voters feel reassured and feel comfortable about him.

2. McCain being attacked and identified as 4 more years of BUSH!

PS I am jealous that you are out there seeing all the sights and sounds of the Convention!