Wednesday, August 27, 2008

FT Interview with Obama Economic Advisers in Denver

Here. Key excerpts:

"This is going to be a fight over who is going to be best for the average American and who will get the economy growing again in a way that benefits everyone, and not just a wealthy, well-connected few," said Austan Goolsbee, a senior adviser to Mr Obama....

Starting with Mr Obama's acceptance speech at the Denver convention tomorrow night, which advisers say will address the concerns of blue-collar America "head-on", the campaign plans to focus more closely on the economic anxieties of America's middle classes....

"We will call for change and we will say what that change is," Mr Furman said. "Measuring the success of the economy by what it does for ordinary families. Recognition that the way to promote growth is to invest in ordinary families . . . 'How is the economy doing for you?' is ultimately the most important question for us."

"Both candidates are offering tax cuts," said Mr Goolsbee. "It is a question of who gets the tax cuts. The Obama plan gets tax relief to 95 per cent of working Americans."

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