Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dumb and Dumber?

How dumb is the average voter? McCain is betting two groups - arch-conservative evangelicals and women - are dumb and dumber.

We always knew evangelicals were dumb, voting on the basis of gay marriage, abortion laws, intelligent design in schools etc. etc... while the world goes to hell and the economy down an over-priced, Halliburton-supplied toilet.

But Maverick McCain thinks he's found a dumb community that even Karl Rove has missed - women voting with their vajayjays.

Passing over Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and Kay Bailey Hutchinson, women either too liberal or too smart to join a likely losing ticket, quick-draw Johnny went for a woman he's met only once (as far as I can work out from the press reports). So, in a profoundly cynical move, the man who claims to put "country first" in fact put national security, the economy and pretty much everything else last and picked Sarah Palin. He thinks she checks off two dumb communities in a way Lieberman, Ridge, Romney and the other has-beens who would actually accept the VP job cannot. Of course, to really check off women, they have to ignore the fact that she's rabidly pro-life, thinks global warming is still a questionable hypothesis and has no knowledge of international affairs.

So, everyone's pointing the blindingly obvious: McCain just undercut his experience argument against Obama. But I want raise an issue even David Frum hinted at: who has the better judgement, the guy who picked Biden or the guy who picked Palin? There is a whole narrative to be built up here. McCain wants to start World War III in the Middle East with his neocon cronies, pre-emptively invading Iran and got knows who else, and now he's picked a small-town mayor to be one death away from being commander-in-chief. To pick up a theme from an earlier post of mine, McCain is nuttier than George Bush! He's not a maverick, he's a cynic. A guy willing to sacrifice all his supposed principles and even the safety of the country to get elected to the Presidency.

I've given up on the evangelicals but not on women. And true Conservatives, like Frum, who think Republicans should be conservative must have serious reservations. So, I hope it's McCain who's dumber and women or a conservative backlash save us from a real cowboy-in-chief.


Nancy Drew said...

Great post! I think, unfortunately, that the pick does provide cover for those Hillary supporters who are actually racists who'd never vote for Obama anyhow (but might have stayed home if there wasn't a woman to vote for.) That is the demographic I think the McCainiacs are going for. Nice way to win the election, dig up the racist vote, but then, isn't that how Republicans frequently win elections?

Mart said...

Who's really dumber here? The guy who picked "same-ole same-ole" while trying to pass it off as "Change" (and arrogantly believes people will actually see it as change) or the guy who picked a new kid with a track record of reform from the moment her feet hit the pavement. (AND she started cleaning house on the inside of her party first.)

Most of the evangelicals I've crossed paths with are way more tight-fisted economically than any politician on either side of the snowball fence. So I fail to see how they can be guilty of yanking the money flusher. That's more a Democratic thing in my "experience."

As to that really stupid alluding to Darwin's THEORY (there IS a reason why they still call it a "theory" you know!)

On that same plane, let us NOT confuse knowledge with experience [international affairs] and please tell me how much real experience a few of our previous Commanders-in Chief had in foreign affairs. I refer, naturally, to our growing list of White House "fast-trackers":
Jimmy Carter - governor: GA;
Ronald Reagan - governor: CA;
Bill Clinton - governor: AR;
George W. Bush - governor: TX.
That's only going back a few.

From Thomas Jefferson forward, there is a total of sixteen presidents who were state governors first. (Not counting one who governed an offshore territory before his bid for the presidency.) Not that many of them were statesmen with foreign policy 'experience' either.

As to your contemptuous remarks about women voting with body parts not stacked atop their shoulders - that is so like a guy thinking with his "little head."

Just because a few women make more noise than the rest of us, it does not mean that they speak for us. (By conservative standards I would be labelled not just a liberal, but a "new-age liberal" woman.) Like a lot of other women I am just as capable [as any man] of discerning what is in the best interest of my community & my country. I reserve my Constitutionally granted right to exercise my choice. The fact that so many women are ecstatic over John McCain's selection as running mate only proves one thing. YOU DON'T KNOW REAL WOMEN!

lerxst said...


I stopped reading your comment at "darwin"...and you ask who's really dumber?

Pike said...

Hi: I totally agree with nancy drew. Self-deception is a powerful force helping us to make unethical or selfish decisions but to dress them up in some nice story.

Other thing I should point out is that the post did not say women were dumb but that McCain must think they're dumb. That is, McCain must think they vote with their body parts and that I hope he's wrong.