Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bottom Decking Started in June

Personally, I find that it hurts my chest when campaigns, especially presidential ones, start to revolve on dumb stuff and silly accusations that have nothing to do with what Presidents actually (should) do. I've also tried to keep my blogging here at E4O focused on economic policy.

But since the McCain campaign's ridiculous race-card accusation has had such a prominent role in "news" coverage recently, I thought I'd note this post by Jed Lewison, which links to this YouTubed McCain ad from June:

Lewison notes that

As you can see, the video's still image is of Obama on currency. Note that the image doesn't occur until about three-quarters of the way through the video. The way YouTube works, the default image occurs at the midpoint. In other words, McCain's campaign affirmatively choose this image.
No doubt all this will be well covered by the MSM (do I see a "Why-Oh-Why" post in the future, Brad?)

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