Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Reflections on Election Day

I used to walk in front of the White House on the way to work. I stopped doing so after the revelations that the United States had tortured prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan and at Guantanamo Bay. I felt so ashamed of my country and so angry at the occupant of the White House that I couldn't bear to walk by the building.

Tonight, I joined a crowd of many, many thousands in front of the White House, crying with joy, chanting "Yes We Did" and "U. S. A.", and singing the Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America. I've never felt so proud of my country. And I'm proud that our little blog played a tiny role in electing President Barack Obama. I want to thank Lerxst, Jonah, David, Pike, Susan, Progedi, and Moxiemomma for their dedication and contributions over the last many months. We helped make history happen.

As Lerxst noted, the original idea for the blog came from the model of the Economists for Dean blog, which he headed up while I was economic adviser for Howard Dean during his presidential campaign. In many ways, Barack Obama's election is the ultimate vindication of Dean's campaign, his political vision, and his policy views. I could not be more please to see Barack Obama carry forward this legacy to the White House.


Ken Houghton said...

"In many ways, Barack Obama's election is the ultimate vindication of Dean's campaign, his political vision, and his policy views."

Amen to that, but it seems only you and the VT Democrats know it.

Everyone else can't seem to remember when the last time was that one Party controlled the Executive and both Legislatives branches, or is busy redefining mandate.

Republican Politiks said...

I supported John McCain during the election, believing his views would bring change to the United States - even though he was constantly called George Bush throughout the entire ordeal. But once November 4th came, I was quite disappointed in the outcome. I thought to myself, how could my country elect a man that had raised a family under a racist preacher, had ties with many questionable friends, and of course his famous "spread the wealth around" comment? At first I was ashamed and mad that this outcome could have occurred. Surely the country has gone mad? But then again, I gradually came to the realization that he will be in our lives for at least the next 4 years, and I better accept that fact. So I went to Barnes and Nobles, bought his book "Audacity of Hope" and started reading. It's a nice book, full of some interesting thoughts and ideas. I learned more about his personality while reading his book, and at the same time I was watching the news - and learned that he was quite the organized man. Already picking candidates to be in his cabinet just a day after the election, and even gathered an economic advisory team. Two days after the election, had his first president-elect meeting broadcast on television. It quite impressive, and I must say - after being such a hardcore McCain supporter I believe the American people might have actually made the right decision. Obama will certainly bring change to the United States, and I hope it's for the best. He seems like a much more intelligent and well thought out individual compared to the likes of say Nancy Pelozi - she's quite annoying and I believe rushes to make decisions.

But as for your hate for Mr. Bush, I have to disagree. I believe President Bush made some great decisions, but also a few bad ones. I'm not going to totally bash my current president, I support him and I believe the history books will give him a favorable reputation for generations to come. His pros: terrorism protection, enlarged security measures. Cons: the economy.

I just believe Obama will help the U.S. get back on top. We needed a refreshing change for this country and he's really done a good job at bringing it, and he’s not even officially in the White House yet. Haha.