Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thank you Don Pedro

As a late addition to blogging here I just want to say how useful I have found the information on the site. I so much appreciate all the great facts and analysis and the initiative you all took to set it up. (I even ordered some Economists for Obama items from the listed vendor--a tip they still have items that are sold out elsewhere.) I hope the founders will keep the site going for the next couple of months as the transition unfolds. Doubtless there will be some economic policy initiatives that can be usefully commented upon. I too share in the optimism that this new administration will be able to get our country back on the right track. As one whose daily work is super affected by who's in power, it will be very hard to wait for January 20th!

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Anonymous said...

i will second that, thank you don pedro. and thank you too moxiemamma, jonah, lerxst, david levine, and everyone else.

i have read this blog religiously since i found it this May and even my conservative friends were like, "wow, econ4obama, they're pretty good." i do hope there will be more updates :)