Sunday, November 2, 2008

McCain Lies in "Joe the Plumber" Ad

This ad from the McCain campaign says, "Obama raises taxes on seniors, hard working families, to give welfare to those who pay none." At one point, the screen shows “$100 billion to those that pay no taxes.”

It's amazing how many falsehoods the ad can squeeze into a few seconds. We covered some of this in our FAQ on taxes.

Key points of Obama's proposal:

  • Eliminates income taxes for seniors making less than $50,000.
  • Reduces taxes for 95% of working families.
  • Cuts taxes for individuals making less than $200K and couples making less than $250K.
The $100 billion figure is just a pure fabrication. Contrary to what the ad says, everyone who receives a tax cut under Obama's proposals pays taxes.

Here is Wall Street Journal column which describes the Obama plan in detail. Also see the tax calculator and assorted links at left.

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AllOut Investor said...

if you put obama and mccain side by side, i will have a tough time choosing either of them. but if you put biden and palin side by side, the choice becomes obvious. as obama said, a pig with a lipstick is still a pig. likewise, a pain with an L in between is still a PAIN!