Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Simple Obama and McCain Tax Cut Graphs

Here is a simple summary graph showing average tax cuts by income group for those making under $200K under the candidates' proposals. These numbers all come from the non-partisan Tax Policy Center's analysis. See Jonah's earlier post for more detailed graphs and discussion. For taxpayers making over $200K, McCain proposes large tax cuts, while those making $250K and up would see substantial tax increases under Obama. We encourage you to use the tax calculator, which is also based on the Tax Policy Center's analysis, for a somewhat more precise estimate of the change in your taxes under each candidate's proposal. I am curious to know which graph is easier for people to read and would appreciate hearing your opinion in comments.

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Richard H. Serlin said...

You've really got to make the graph go well beyond $200,000. That's where it's most revealing and dramatic. You should at least have an "and up" last category, hopefully that starts at $1 million.