Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Buying Milk

I was unexpectedly moved at times when watching the Obama commercial (below). Digby writes today about a former Edwards speech writer who is disappointed that Obama doesn't talk about poverty. But when you watch the mom in the commercial who feels the suffocating pain about whether she can afford to buy a gallon of milk or the mom whose kids have to make their snacks last a whole week --if that is not talking about poverty then I don't what is. Apparently in today's GOP, you're a dirty freaking socialist if you talk about providing refundable tax credits based on the payroll tax. Can you imagine the outcry from the right if Obama actually talked about poverty.

Below is the commercial. Also check out Robert Frank, an economist at Cornell who points out that the The National Council on Economic Education’s curriculum standards say that "Most government policies also redistribute income." (h/t to Yglesias)


pants said...

me too. i didn't watch it on TV because I really thought it would be 30 minutes of him yammering a la Ross Perot. So when I watched it online I was really surprised by how good it was. It was nice to see so many important Dems from swing states too, like McCaskill and Tim Kaine.

I would agree with Robert Frank. Apparently the only standard for being a socialist is income redistribution, according to the GOP...but Bush redistributes income, and so would the McCain tax plan but to a lesser extent. Frank is spot on. I guess we are all socialists now.

lerxst said...

pants, i watched online too on a small youtube screen...I'm guessing it was even more powerful on big screen TV.

I was also impressed at how there was virtually no partisan language...this was aimed squarely at independents and I thought well targeted.