Wednesday, October 1, 2008

She Couldn't Even Remember Exxon-Valdez?

When asked by Katie Couric to name another Supreme Court decision (beside Roe) that she disagreed with, Palin drew a blank. Its kind of shocking that she couldn't even remember the Exxon Valdez case which came down in June ---just three months ago. I think we might need a bit more agile thinking than that in a Veep.

Here's Palin talking about the verdict:


Anonymous said...

That is sad.

An easy one for conservatives like her is the Kelo decision. That's something I'm surprised they don't run with more in terms of campaigning on the issue of "liberal judges."

As an NRA member, there's also the recent D.C. gun battle decision.

Both have broad public support on the side of conservatives.

Anonymous said...

That NRA case was on her side, but she still could have mentioned that.