Wednesday, February 20, 2008

NYT actually reports on policy!

Matthew Yglesias recently pointed to a New York Times column by Jeff Zeleny about Obama's shift towards spelling out more policy details in speeches. Like much of the "horse race" media coverage of politics the article didn't actually mention any of the details.

I was pleasantly surprised that in today's New York Times article by John Broder and Jeff Zeleny they actually mention Obama's substantive positions on home foreclosures:

"...Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, was in San Antonio, where he also talked about the crisis affecting subprime borrowers. Mr. Obama pledged to penalize predatory lenders, offer a tax credit to cover 10 percent of interest on mortgages of struggling homeowners and make an additional $10 billion in bonds available to help buy first homes or avoid foreclosure.

There, now that wasn't so difficult to do!

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