Friday, February 22, 2008

hmm....Dowd on Sunday?

[Update --the column is out and no mention of "Iseman", just more Hillary, I'm surprised, but many readers at Digby's blog were right --maybe next week]

Now let's see, what oh what will Maureen Dowd find to write about this Sunday? I'd think its a sure bet that the name "Iseman" will feature in there. Maybe some reference to the golden dress she's wearing in the photo that's all over the news. Some references to Cindy's hair?

As much as I can't stand Dowd and her absurd focus on superficiality, I have to admit I think this column should be a fun read.

And let's see what Kristof has to say about St. John now after fawning over what an admirable hypocrite he is.

Speaking of Dowd, here's a Flashback: More than 4 years ago, after Drudge spread some rumors that Kerry used botox, I wrote a post at Economists for Dean (links are gone):

I'd really like to be proven wrong...but what are the odds that Maureen Dowd will write about botox and Kerry tomorrow?

(Atrios even picked it up)

Well to my shock it took her about 6 weeks before she finally wrote about it:

With all the fuss about the 60-year-old John Kerry going from Shar-Pei to whippet, I figured a physiognomic quiz might be in order. The candidate's more serene visage has spurred rampant speculation that his attractive 65-year-old wife, Teresa, a Botox aficionado, turned him on to the wrinkle diffuser, which paralyzes the muscles that deepen wrinkles.

How could we elect a president who couldn't show his emotions? After all, the leader of the free world has even more reason to frown, wince and be startled than a sitcom star.


Mo MoDo said...

I've gone all-in on a McCain column. She is long overdue. He's been mentioned in passing several times, but the last column with any real discussion of McCain was back on September 12th.

lerxst said...

...I was surprised that when I posted this in a Kos diary with a poll that more people picked Michelle Obama's patriotism as the likely topic.

Someone I know suggested that she is a buddy with McCain...maybe that's why

Steve M. said...

At times I think she's going to go the whole campaign without mentioning McCain once. I think she absolutely will do that if Hillary somehow wins the nomination. At the very least, I don't think she'll write a word about McCain until at least a week after Hillary drops out (she gotta indulge herself in at least two dancing-on-the-grave columns)....