Monday, March 17, 2008

The Right-Wing Smear Machine Revs Up

Today's NY column by Bill Kristol is a classic hit piece and makes it clear for anyone who might have had any doubts that Kristol's column is a mainline pipe of the Republicans' propaganda sewage system.

The entire column rests on the assertion that Obama attended a service at his church last July where the minister spoke in charged terms about racism. The Obama campaign says Obama was not there, and Marc Ambinder has a video of him in Miami the same day.

Kristol cites Ronald Kessler, "a journalist who has written about Wright's ministry," for his falsehood. Kessler is not an innocent unbiased reporter but rather a writer for the right-wing site But Kessler himself cites someone else for the claim, "freelancer" Jim Davis, who says that he intended the sermon in question. Who's Jim Davis? No idea ... besides his one post on Newsmax about Obama's church, the only other article I could find by Jim Davis is another Newsmax rant complaining about liberal bias in Wikipedia.

Shorter version of Kristol's column:

Some guy told a right-wing hack I know that Obama heard his minister say that we white people run this country.

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