Friday, March 28, 2008

Iraqis on Obama's Proposal

Via Glenn Greenwald, here's a video of a Charlie Rose interview with two Iraqis--something you rarely see in the U.S. press. One snippet:

CHARLIE ROSE: OK. Would you like for the United States military -- Senator Barack's proposal is that we make a date certain, within 16 months, withdraw. Is that a wise policy, in your judgment?

ALI FADHIL: Definitely. Definitely.

CHARLIE ROSE: Just get out of Iraq in some kind of ordered way?

ALI FADHIL: ... for us we need to get rid of the Americans, because the Americans just don't know what they are doing.

They are -- anything they do -- probably even in good intentions -- is bad for us, everything they do, everything. There's nothing they're doing is right.

And that's what is going to happen. It's just prolonging the diaspora of the Iraqis.We're suffering more and more every day. We need, you know, to start the solution.

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matt said...

The kind of clip that would be prime time news worthy in a US that would air real news.