Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gene Sperling and Obama

This NY Times article about Obama's books notes that Gene Sperling, Clinton's economic advisor, was among a small group invited to review drafts of Obama's Audacity of Hope in the summer of 2006. This suggests to me that Gene is close enough to Obama that once Hillary folds, he'll probably be connected to Obama's campaign and have some role in his administration, which is a good thing. Gene is a master at translating good economic policy ideas into language that people can understand--a skill very few possess.

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Steve Roth said...

Agreed. The Pro-Growth Progressive is far from perfect, but it embodies an approach that increasingly widespread on the left, but has yet to penetrate much on the right.

The best of the left seeks inclusive plans that address both prosperity and equality, market and management, looking for win-win policies. The best of the right only grudgingly acknowledges that we should perhaps bolt on some equality initiatives, quick, before support for free-market policies evaporates.